Focus On The Now

In the below video I talk about how living in the now and putting your focus on what is currently happening will have a positive impact on your life.

Don’t spend time worrying about whats coming in the future or what has happened in the past.

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Fishing Outing First Of 2012 Is Trout Fishing!

FishingFishing is something that myself and my daughter love to do.  During the warmer months we spend a lot of time together fishing.  This year 2012 we started our fishing a little earlier in the year than normal thanks to some very warm weather in March here in Nebraska.  Our first fishing experience of the year was trout fishing on March 6th one day after Jaecees’s birthday.  I did not have a job to go to at the time and the weather was beautiful so it was the best thing that we could think of to do.

Trout Fishing Bait:

The lake that we went fishing at does not allow live bait so we had to decide what we were going to use for bait.  I wanted to use salmon eggs on our trout fishing trip, but I did not have any in my fishing tackle and my daughter did not want to go to Walmart to get some.  She just wanted to get to the lake to start fishing.  I did however have some canned corn so we decided to use corn as our bait for trout fishing.

Trout Fishing First Catch Of Year:

When we got to the lake we baited the hooks on two different poles.  We each threw our lines out into the water and waited for a bite.  We had been waiting for about an hour and still no bites.  While we were waiting for a fish to bite we were feeding the ducks and geese bread and just enjoying the weather and scenerey.  We were definitely enjoying the time.

We both were enjoying the fishing trip regardless if we were catching any fish.  However all of the sudden we both noticed one of the poles tips start jerking.  We both got excited and ran towards the pole.

I told my daughter not to grab the pole quite yet and told her to release the drag and let the fish pull out some line freely for a bit.  Our fishing trip was starting to get even more exciting.

I told Jaecee to grab the pole after the next tug and lightly jerk to set the hook.  She did a great job and hooked her first fish of the year.  She reeled in the fish to find that she caught a Rainbow Trout on our first fishing trip of 2012.

Trout Fishing

Jaecee holding up Rainbow Trout caught on first fishing trip of 2012.

Trout Fishing

Same fish different pose :).

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Positive Experience From Negative Situations

Positive Experience Site

House After Fire. Site of Positive Experience.

My siblings and I recently had a positive experience that brought us together because of a negative situation in our lives.  This positive experience really told me a lot about my siblings in that they can stay positive even in a situation that they nor me really wanted to experience.  I personally have done a lot of personal development and have learned to have a positive experience with all life throws at me and it meant the world to me to see my siblings have a positive experience in a negative situation.

Positive Experience During House Fire Clean Up:

I was at the site of the house fire for the third time when my sisters were about to show up to the house for the first time since it had caught fire.  They had seen pictures of the house during and after the house fire, but the pictures did not tell the reality of what had really happened to the house that we all grew up in.  I was expecting the reality of them going through an emotional time when they arrived and as the oldest sibling I was prepared to help them through the negative times.  What I was not expecting, but was very happy to be a part of was the positive experience that we all had together after my sisters shed some tears.  This positive experience told me a lot about my sisters and how they had grown :).  Even my youngest sister at the young adult age of 20 had made this negative situation into a positive experience.

When my first of the two oldest sisters (My two oldest sisters are identical twins) showed up at our home which had just burnt in a house fire two weeks earlier she did as I expected her to.  She started crying within seconds of walking into the area of the house which I was helping tear down the blackened drywall off the 2 X 4’s in an effort to keep the small section of the house in which the frame was not damaged.  I hugged her while she shed the tears and told her that everything was going to be alright.  I reminded her that we have God always on our side and that our Mom was still alive.  This was the first positive experience of the day.

Then the other twin showed up at our home shortly after.  I let the twins have there time together first.  Then I hugged both of  them and assured them both that there were more important positive things to remember.

At this time I really did not expect to have a positive experience with my three sisters like we were about to experience just a short time later that same day.  We all started working together as a team.  The biggest positive experience was that we were all working with the same goal in mind and that was to expedite getting our mom back living on her property.  It had been quite some time since we all were working together to accomplish the same goal with out some arguments.  The other positive experience was that we all had fun as we were doing it.  This positive experience brought us even closer together as siblings.

What Was Involved In This Positive Experience?

The most rewarding thing about this positive experience was all the laughing and smiling that we all shared while we were basically destroying the part of the house that wasn’t destroyed in the house fire.  Myself and my 3 younger sisters took out our frustrations of the experience of losing our childhood home to a house fire by making a positive experience out of tearing drywall and boards down with an axe :).  Lets just say that my sisters were definitely not experienced with swinging an axe and it was very funny watching each one of them swing it.  One of them hit there target with the wrong end of the axe first unintentionally and put a whole threw the drywall with the small wooden end.  Luckily she was not hurt and didn’t drop the axe.  It was very funny to watch.  There was a video taken of this whole experience, but unfortunately the video camera used was older so I haven’t been able to get a copy from the sister who recorded it yet that I can put on this post.

Here are a couple of pictures of what the rooms that we had the positive experience looked like before the fun started.

Positive Experience Room 1

Positive Experience Room 1

Positive Experience Room 2

Positive Experience Room 2

This was my Mom’s room after the house fire.  During the positive experience we laughed as we destroyed the burnt drywall and ceiling with an axe.  We did this because the wood and frame behind it in this section of the house was not damaged and Mom wanted to keep this part to build on to.


This is the part of the living room that was right beside Mom’s room that we also enjoyed the positive experience of destruction before rebuilding.  You can see that the wood has little damage in this section.


Me Grabbing Axe To Start Having Some Fun!


Here I am grabbing the axe to start some destruction of burned up dry wall.





Here is a good picture after we all had our positive experience of taking out our frustrations after the house fire.

After Our Positive Experience The Two Rooms Look Much Better 🙂

P.S.  We all learned from this positive experience that life goes on and that we have the choice to make the best of it no matter what happened yesterday 🙂  Please leave your comments and share below.

House Fire Experience

Fire Fighters Putting Out House Fire

House Fire

On February 3, 2012 a house fire changed my family’s life.  Just a couple of days earlier I had an anxiety attack and now a house fire that destroys my moms house.  This was also the house that my siblings and I lived our childhood years in.  This date was already a date that I would never forget because it was the last day I was employed at a plant that I had worked at for 13.5 years.  The plant closed down completely.  Luckily I was not required to go to work on this day to get paid so that I could be with my Mom during the house fire.

My Moms First Phone Call To Me On Day Of House Fire:

I don’t remember the exact time my mom called me for the first time on the morning of February 3, 2012 but I know it was near 9:00am.  My mother was calling to check on how I was feeling.  The reason she was calling to check on me was because I had an anxiety attack two days prior which ended up in me going to the Emergency Room.  She knew that this day was my last official day working for a company that I had been working at for 13.5 years because the plant shutdown.  She was checking on how I was handling it.  I told her “I am feeling ok Mom, I am not feeling normal yet but I am definitely feeling better than I did when I had my anxiety attack on Wednesday”.  I also said “I just took one of the xanax pills that the ER prescribed to me on Wednesday so we will see how I feel when that kicks in”.  We talked a little bit about a few other things and said “I Love You” to each other at the end of the call.  Neither one of us had a clue that our day would involve a house fire destroying the house we had lived in and called home for several years just a couple hours after the first call.  A house fire was definitely not on our minds during this call.

“The House Is On Fire” Moms First Words On Second Call To Me On Day Of House Fire:

The day of the house fire my moms first call to me was to check on me.  My Moms second call to me just two hours later was about something completely unexpected.  I answered the phone “Hello”.  I knew it was my Mom calling based off the caller ID on my cell phone, but for about 3 seconds I got no reply.  I realized that my Mom was crying and I said “Mom whats wrong”.  She said “The House Is On Fire”.  I immediately started panicking and thinking house fire did she really mean her house.  I said “Mom are you OK?”.  She told me she was OK, but the house was still on fire and burning up quick.  I said “I am on my way there right now”.  I realized that I had an hour to drive and that I just took xanax which reads right on the prescription that I should not drive after taking it so I called a few friends to see if they would drive me.  I had no luck finding someone who could go.  I felt my adrenaline kicking in from learning about the house fire so I made a decision to drive there on my own.

I started driving to Mom’s and started preparing my mind on the way on what to expect to see when I got to the scene of the house fire.  I had prepared to see that the house fire had completely destroyed the house and that we possibly would not be able to save anything that was in the house.  When I arrived the fire fighters were still working on putting out the house fire, but I started having hope that we may be able to save some things that were inside the house.

When the fire fighters were done putting out the house fire, I asked the fire chief if I could go into my Moms room.  I knew the Fire Chief personally and he escorted me into the room.  I was relieved when I got in there to see that some of our family pictures and some other things we would be able to save.  The house fire mainly only caused smoke damage in this room some how.

Talking About Plans For House Fire Clean Up:

When the fire was all put out my Mom and I started discussing how we were going to attack the clean up of the house fire.  I told her that I would help with the clean up on any days that I could.  The following week I started going to the location to help with the clean up of the house fire.  We got the ok that we could save the part of the house where Moms room was located if we wanted too so we started taring down that section of the house to where just the frame was left.

Anxiety Attack Scared Me

Me A Few Days Before Anxiety AttackAnxiety Attack catches me off guard on February 1, 2012 and gives me the biggest scare I have experienced in several years.  There aren’t very many things that scare me but the anxiety attack I had definitely did :).  The day started off normal and I felt great until about 9:00am.  I woke up around 7:00am and got ready for work while the coffee was brewing.  I poured my normal cup of coffee to drink on the way to work and headed for work at about 7:15am.  I arrived at work at 7:55am and my day was feeling normal.  I had no idea that I was soon going to experience an anxiety attack.

Anxiety Attack Starts:

It was around 9:00 am when I started feeling abnormal.  I was drinking my third cup of coffee for the day when I started feeling shaky, dizzy, headache, light headed, and pain in my jaw.  I at first thought that the caffeine was causing it all and that I was probably dehydrated.  I immediately stopped drinking coffee for the day and switched to drinking water.  I even had my friend Tim M. drive me to the Pump & Pantry so I could buy some gatorade.  I really thought that the way I was feeling was from being dehydrated and anxiety attack never crossed my mind.

When we got back to where I worked I went to the restroom.  I just happened to see myself in the mirror while I was washing my hands and noticed that I was pale white.  This is when I started getting scared and worried.  I literally started thinking that I was having a heart attack, brain aneurism, or maybe was experiencing the side effects from my pro boxing career a few years earlier.  The thought of all of this coming from an Anxiety Attack never crossed my mind.  Yeah I had heard of people having an anxiety attack before, but honestly never thought that I would experience one.

I started thinking of all the worse case scenarios of what was going on after I seen how pale I was.  During my pro boxing career I took a lot of hard blows to the head so that is what caused me to start thinking that I was maybe feeling side effects from that.  The reason that having a brain aneurism crossed my mind is because my X Wife (now a great friend of mine) had experienced this 4 years earlier.  She had previously explained to me what this felt like and my symptoms reminded me of what she explained.  Thank God she lived through 2 brain surgeries in a 24 hour period to be able to explain this :).  I also had the manager of the apartments I live at die from a brain aneurism two weeks prior to my anxiety attack.  She had been the manager for 4 years so I had gotten to know her.

The thing that really got me worried about having a heart attack was that I could tell that my heart was beating really fast.  I called my X Wife to bring her automatic blood pressure reader over to the plant to check my blood pressure and heart rate.  She checked it when she got there and my blood pressure was higher than I ever remember it being and my heart rate was around 89 beats per minute.  This really scared me because normally my heart rate is around 60 when I am not working out intensely.  She told me to just relax and I did ok for a while.  Me and my coworkers all went out to eat and then while at the restaurant I felt really bad.

Anxiety Attack Makes Me Go To Emergency Room:

While at the restaurant I ordered a steak to eat and water to drink.  I still was trying to ignore how I was feeling from what I would soon learn was an anxiety attack.  When I got my food I had very little appetite because of the anxiety attack I was having.  I purposely was eating very small bites because I felt that if I ate to much to fast I would feel worse.  I finally had enough of feeling this way so I called my x wife to come drive me to the Emergency Room.  She knew that when I said come take me to the ER that I really wasn’t fealing right because normally someone would have to drag me there.  I had never in my life requested to go to the ER.  I definitely never thought that an anxiety attack would cause me to request this.

Shortly after getting to the emergency room I learned that I was really having an anxiety attack.  Learning this actually helped because it told me that all of the other things that were possibly happening weren’t true.  I will say though that I do not regret going to the ER because of the anxiety attack.

What I Learned From My Anxiety Attack:

The most important thing that I feel that I learned from this anxiety attack is that it really is possible to drink to much water in a short amount of time.  While I was in the ER for my anxiety attack they had to test my urine.  When they told me the results of the test, I learned that I had drank so much water that my specific gravity was too low and that my electrolyte levels were to low.  Basically during my anxiety attack I drank to much water to quickly which likely caused the symptoms to escalate and worsen my anxiety attack.

I also learned what an anxiety attack really was.  When the Doctor at the St. Francis Medical Center released me from the ER after I had calmed down from my anxiety attack, he gave me a paper explaining exactly what my anxiety attack was.  Here is what the paper said.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (The Medical Term For My Anxiety Attack)

What You Should Know:

Generalized anxiety disorder is also called GAD.  It is a condition where, for at least six months and sometimes without reason, you are worried, anxious, or nervous.  The anxiety may be much more severe than the event causing the worry or anxiety.  Because of the anxiety, you may not be able to do your daily activities.  Symptoms of GAD may appear after physical or emotional stress, such as the loss of a loved one.  GAD is more common in women and those 25 years or younger.  Tests will be done to be certain your physical health is good.  Other tests will be done to learn if you have GAD.  Counseling, medicine, or both are used to treat GAD.

Since having my anxiety attack I have learned to handle daily situations in my life a lot differently.  I have had to learn to not over think things and to stay relaxed.  I have been better about knowing God handles all situations that life throws at me and that I have nothing to worry about.  The Doctor also prescribed me Xanax to help me get through the symptoms of my anxiety attack.

I also did some research after having my anxiety attack to learn more about them.

P.S.  If you have found this post about my anxiety attack interesting or you have experienced an anxiety attack yourself please share this post and leave your comments.

Jeremy Drapal Thanks You For Visiting

Jeremy Drapal and Jaecee

At Cave Of The Winds Colorado

Jeremy Drapal welcomes you to and I Thank You for visiting.  If you have ever visited before you will notice that I have made some changes to the site.  Unfortunately a few days after I started to make changes to my mothers house was destroyed in a fire so it has taken me a little longer to get things updated than originally planned.  For your information no one was hurt Thank God 🙂 and I along with all my siblings and others will be helping our Mom to rebuild our home.  If you haven’t already done so you can also visit Jeremy Drapal online business site.

Who Is Jeremy Drapal?:

Jeremy Drapal is a proud father of two children James and Jaecee.  I Jeremy Drapal am a former professional boxer who back in 2007 decided to let the boxing career go because of an eye injury I experienced in my last fight which got my license suspended.  I admit that there have been times that I have wanted to go get the suspension lifted, however I have made the decision that it is the kids time for sports.  I have used the internet to help me with replacing the income that I used to make boxing and I now have a passion for helping others use the internet to bring in extra income.

Jeremy Drapal is a family guy who enjoys spending time with his children, family, and friends.  Some of our hobbies include camping, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, and jet skiing.  My daughter and I always look forward to Labor Day Weekend when we go out to visit Jason Cardamone a great friend of mine and also a mentor.

I Jeremy Drapal am a Christian and I love praising and serving God.  I enjoy using the talents that God has blessed me with to serve him and to help other people.

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Jaecee Finds Gold

Jeremy Drapal and Jaecee

At Cave Of The Winds Colorado

Jeremy Drapal and Jaecee Drapal

Jeremy and Jaecee Smoke From Boulder Fire 2010

Jeremy Drapal

Jeremy Drapal and Jason Cardamone at "Seven Falls"

Jaecee, James, and Jamie Camping at Lovewell

Jeremy Drapal and Family

Jeremy Drapal, Grandma, Mom, And Jason Drapal

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